5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Marketing Partner


You have a “to-do” list a mile long. You have no time to develop a cohesive strategy for achieving your business goals, let alone train your staff to help you get there.
And besides, no one on your team really has the time to dedicate to marketing.

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to call for reinforcements. Here are five reasons why outsourcing your marketing may be the right move for your small or growing business.

1. You’re not a marketing expert, but you are an expert at running your business.

You may know you need a strategic marketing plan, but have no idea where to start. Or you’re well aware that your social media efforts aren’t driving traffic to your website, but you don’t know what to do about it.

We all have our strong points. A wise business owner can recognize their weak spots and – in this case – tap the services of an outside marketing pro.

Whatever marketing issue you’re struggling with, the right professional can share proven formulas for success that will allow you to capitalize on the latest on- and off-line strategies. They will work with you to develop a marketing solution that supports your business goals – whether that means increasing engagement, driving sales or creating new sources of revenue.

Outsourcing allows you to stick to what you do best and leave the marketing to the professionals.

2. You need a fresh perspective.
Of course you believe in your product and service – if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business! But when you and your team get caught up in the day-to-day, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm for generating marketing ideas.

Working with talented, creative people from outside the company will help you refine your vision and re-energize your marketing efforts. An outsider will bring a new perspective. And where you or your staff may not be willing to take risks, they will be fearless about suggesting an innovative approach.

With access to exciting revenue-generating strategies and techniques, you can break free from old habits and points of view. And your team will be inspired to come up with fresh ideas for building customer relationships or opening doors to new business.

3. Outside agencies have the intel and objectivity to help you navigate all the channels and invest wisely.

Marketing can be overwhelming. There are too many channels and platforms to choose from, and chances are you spend a lot of time second-guessing whether you’ve picked the right media mix or spent too much on your new website.

A virtual marketing partner will help you get the most from your marketing budget. They have the ability to look at things objectively and present information honestly. They aren’t steeped in the company culture or worried about hurting people’s feelings.

It’s their job to know how to create programs and choose channels that will reach your customers and fit your budget. And they’ll help your dollars go further by making sure you steer clear of costly mistakes.

4. Small businesses that outsource can compete more efficiently and effectively.

If you have an in-house marketing team, their knowledge may be limited or their skills too specialized to implement a comprehensive campaign in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

Outsourcing critical marketing responsibilities will keep your company competitive. It will ensure that you are in step with the latest trends, tools and technologies. You’ll save on staff salaries and training, and reduce costs for office space, overhead and hardware, As you come to trust your outside team’s expertise, you’ll improve efficiency by spending less time reviewing their work and worrying less about where your money is going.

Hiring outside help is also scalable. You can pay for a single service or a full menu of options. Then you can adjust as your budget and business grows. Outsourcing allows you to accomplish as much or as little as you need, and be more agile when it comes to complex projects – without hiring staff or doing it all yourself.

5. You need someone to ‘pull it all together’ and align your marketing ideas with your business goals.

When you set out on a road trip, you don’t leave without programming your GPS, right? And you consider things like why you’re going, what you’ll do when you get there and your time and budget.

It’s the same with your marketing. Investing the time up front to create a smart, strategic marketing plan will help you build your brand efficiently and effectively. And while it may sound counter-intuitive, this is an ideal project to outsource.

An outside marketing firm can evaluate without bias, and make strategic recommendations with no preconceived ideas about your company. If you already have a marketing program, they will evaluate it and identify opportunities for optimization. strategyIf you don’t have a plan, they will help you review and clarify your big-picture business goals. Identify your ideal client. And determine which marketing channels will get you where you want to go.

Once you agree on the plan, a full-service agency like Hype can then take it all off your plate and run with it. We’ll manage the details, meet the deadlines, and deliver a program that you and your customers will be excited about.

Partnering with a virtual marketing professional you trust is a tremendous weight off your shoulders. Ready to talk about how outsourcing will help your business? Give us a ring.

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