6 Key Online Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers and Distributors

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Looking for a smart online marketing strategy for your manufacturing and/or distribution company? Here are 6 things you can do to drive traffic to your website, stand out as an industry leader, and generate leads.

1. Start by clearly defining your ideal client and over-arching goals and objectives. Then create website content that showcases what you have to offer and resonates with those potential clients so that you can meet your sales objectives. You want to make sure that the information on your website is current, and that the content answers your customer’s burning questions. You also want to be sure that the content is properly optimized for the search engines so that they show your website on the search results pages.

2. Launch an aggressive inbound strategy centered around industry-specific content for your blog. For instance, if you own a traffic safety company, create content that answers your customers’ questions and more importantly, positions you as the expert in your field. The blog adds fresh content to your website, which helps with your website’s online visibility, as well as provides content you can re-purpose for email marketing campaigns and social media posts.

3. Create a Google AdWords campaign to direct more traffic to your site. This pay-per-click (PPC) campaign allows you to target specific products and phrases that you may have not yet optimized on your website pages. When you combine PPC with a website optimized to maximize Google search results, you’ve instantly improved your online visibility strategy.

4. Utilize the content developed in your blog for email campaigns targeted toward trade distribution prospects and/or contacts you’ve collected from your CRM or prospect database. Stay on top of mind by sharing industry insights and thought leadership marketing content with your customers. You can also add specific promotions and offers through these email campaigns.

5. Develop a video library that helps clients understand the complex nature of your products or business. This is your chance to shine and not only focus on the quality and service of your business – but more importantly, to tell the story of your brand. You can express your main points of differentiation with professional video and then re-purpose the video on YouTube, in your email campaigns, and on social media.

6. Generate trade show attendee interest with tailored landing pages. Perhaps “traffic safety trade shows” is a well-searched term AND you have a big show coming up. Develop landing pages on your website to help collect leads and fill your trade show roster.

As you can see, creating a smart marketing strategy for your manufacturing and distribution business is more than just one idea or tactic. It’s a series of tactics based on an over-arching plan.

If you need to create a well-oiled marketing machine, reach out and we’ll help you create an on-going marketing plan that drives sales so you can focus on the business. Contact us today to learn more.

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