Does Your Website Have a Purpose?


When you first started your business, you knew you needed a website that captured what your product and service was all about. Today, perhaps your business has grown. Or changed. Or both. There may be signs that the website that worked for you back then needs to be updated or expanded; maybe the old website just isn’t pulling its weight anymore.

If you’re not sure why you have a website, or what it is doing – or not doing for your business, it’s time to give your best online asset some strategic thought.

There are three key areas that I would address right away:

♣ Content: If you only have the investment capabilities to focus on one aspect of your site, I would concentrate on great content. While design is super important, know that your site is more than a pretty face. Professionally written and optimized content is key.

♣ Go Mobile: Is your website mobile-responsive? It is imperative that your customers are able to view your site on any mobile device. We’re all the move, and your site must accommodate our transient lifestyle.

♣ Measure Your Success: The most important – and often most overlooked – aspect of all. You now have a well-written and optimized site and it’s time to review your analytics to see how your site is performing. This data should be looked at regularly so that you can make intelligent business decisions. This data is your guide to ensure that your website – and business – keeps on humming.

If your website has no purpose and is currently not working for your business, just give me a shout. I’m happy to help you maximize your best online asset. Just contact me at sabrina@hypemarketingagency.com.

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