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The process of increasing your website rankings takes time. You need to create engaging copy that is carefully crafted to strategically include thoroughly researched search terms, submit updated pages to Google for indexing, wait for Google to crawl and index the pages, then wait some more for Google to start including your website in the search results. This waiting game, however, doesn’t mean you can’t get your website in front of prospects NOW. You can drive traffic to your site fast with an AdWords campaign.

What is AdWords?
AdWords is Google’s internet marketing platform. It involves paid text ads placed next to Google’s “natural” search results. Once an ad campaign is set up, your ads start running immediately upon Google’s approval – which typically takes less than 24 hours! You pay Google each time someone clicks on your ad. You control your daily budget, and can stop and start your campaign at any time. With AdWords you can target many keywords AND zero in on your target audience to the zip code.

We Can Create and Manage an AdWords Campaign for You, Which Includes:

• Extensive keyword research and analysis
• Configuration of settings
• Appropriate landing page selection
• Creation of ad groups that tightly match keywords and products/services
• Copywriting of ads
• Setting and adjusting keyword bids
• Monitoring and analytics
• Testing/tweaking ads
• Monthly reports and recommendations
• Direct ad spend billed from Google

Call us today to learn how a strategically created and carefully managed Google AdWords campaign can improve your bottom line.

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