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In today’s business world, there are so many tools to market your business that it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs suffer from that paralyzing condition: Marketing Overwhelm. Back in the day, it was simple – pay a boat-load of money on newspaper, magazine, and radio advertising. Simple, yet crippling to your budget.

So, how effective is email marketing?
The good news is that any business can manifest a powerful marketing presence without making your wallet whimper. With all of the powerful tools available, Email is still king; in fact, email is the number 1 app on mobile devices – we check our emails many more times per day than we do our social media. The deliverability rate on email marketing is 90%, as opposed to a disappointing 2% for your business Facebook page.

Email done right will develop a long-lasting relationship with your audience and establish you as a knowledgeable giver of great information. Who wouldn’t want to work with you?

Your Email Marketing strategy is best executed when you follow this template:

1. Have an enticing and inviting subject line, encouraging recipients to open it
2. Craft content that is helpful, providing information recipients can use right away
3. Write in a conversational tone of voice, making it feel like personal communications
4. Add links to visit your website or blog page or social
5. Include 2 or 3 images that accentuate your point, with links to your online presence
6. Offer a visible and crystal clear call to action
7. Schedule emails at a day and time that works best for your target audience
8. Communicate in an appropriate frequency, according to your industry
9. Combine it with social media to pack a powerful punch
10. Plan ahead and follow a content calendar

Email Marketing needs one more critical factor – permission. When your email reaches a contact who is EXPECTING to hear from you, is appropriate to their situation, and addresses a topic they are interested in, then you have met all the criteria for Email Marketing success.

Do you have time in your busy schedule to make sure all 10 are executed well? If you prefer to spend your time servicing your customers, polishing your product, and managing your team, then it’s time to outsource this activity to an Email Marketing Specialist.

Call us to learn how your business can benefit from a strategic email marketing campaign.

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