How To Use Social Media to Promote Your Business: Top 5 Tips

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Social media is a necessary tool that all businesses should take full advantage of in order to further progress their brand. Apps like Instagram and Facebook are ideal tools for publicity, content generation, and engagement. Myriad benefits accompany these social media platforms — remember that both are free! With some simple creativity and by following the five steps below, you will be able to effectively advertise your business and build a wide-reaching audience.

Position Yourself as an Expert.

Social media is the best place to showcase your business knowledge. Use Instagram stories to present the new window display you just created, or post pictures of your most recent work, both of which will keep your followers engaged and invested in the business. Over on Twitter, use quippy captions for daily updates on your business so your readers will be aware of your brand’s current status. Treat these tweets like mini newsletters.

Build a Following, Build a Brand

The goal of social media is to win the attention of as many people as possible so they can be informed of your business and share your content, multiplying the number of people who see your posts. Through connecting with people on these platforms, you will find how simple it is to see new clients, suppliers, and buyers.

Post Epic Content

Although being consistent with your tone and types of posts is a crucial way to gain brand recognition, the content produced must be intriguing enough for your followers to actually pause, look at it, and engage. When creating a new post — and before hitting send — make sure this is something that all areas of your target audience would be curious to read. Try to find new, creative ways for your posts to keep your followers on their toes.

Connect with New Clientele

To attract new customers on these sites, consider creating special offers that are only found on your specific page. This makes the validity and exclusiveness of your profile go up, and will have more people follow your page. With this, you have locked them in, and now they will be have a go-to page to locate your deals and ongoings.

Engage with Others

It is imperative not only to gain followers but to connect with them. Like and reply to their comments, and be sure to answer any customer service questions with speed and grace. Hosting polls or frequently asked questions will keep them updated with your brand allowing your followers to be informed and empowered.

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