Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Did you know that reaching customers closest to you is surprisingly easy? The reason is that so many online searches include phrases like “near me” or “closest.” Having a local strategy in place that encourages neighboring prospects to reach out to you is a great opportunity that all small businesses should take advantage of.

Here are my top 3 recommendations to ensure that you will be found locally:

1. Claim your Google My Business Listing
By verifying your business address through Google My Business, you are letting Google know that your address and location information is accurate. This is important and helps prospects find your location easily. More importantly, a verified Google My Business listing increases your chances of being shown in local searches. For instance, if someone is searching for personal trainer in Ramsey, NJ on their mobile phone and you have a personal training business with a verified listing nearby, Google is likely to show your page higher in search results. If your listing is not verified, you have a decreased chance of showing up in results. You’ll also want to claim your business category and personalize your brand by uploading videos, writing clever business descriptions, and making sure that all the information is accurate.

2. Optimize your website with the right keywords – and local market – for your business
Intuitively, you may know what terms your customers are using, but I suggest utilizing Google’s keyword planning tool to get real data as to what your customers are searching for. Once you have identified those terms, be sure to include the hyperlocal market in your website content and meta data. The art and science of optimizing your website so that you get more traction and visits is called SEO, search engine optimization – and in today’s digital marketplace, having a website that is not optimized is the equivalent of having an online brochure-that no one can find unless they already know your website address. That defeats the purpose of leveraging your site to generate leads and bring in new business.

3. Ask your top clients for rave reviews – they’ll be happy to do so
As you know, word of mouth is one of the biggest drivers of new clients for local businesses. According to Bright Local, 88% of customers trust local reviews as much as in-person recommendations. Reviews matter. Round out your hyperlocal online marketing strategy by engaging your biggest fans! Read this great article to learn more about hyper-local strategy. https://www.coxblue.com/hyper-local-marketing-strategy-can-use-small-business/

Do you need help becoming the local business of choice? Just give us a shout and let our marketing team devise a strategy to boost your online visibility!
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