Should I Build My Own Website or Pay Someone?

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No matter what business you own, having a website is necessary to be competitive in the modern technological era. Having a website increases brand awareness, engages with clients, markets important media to your customers, and answers any questions they may have. But most importantly, your website must be built well or else it will only work against you.

That is why you need to hire a professional.

A web designer will be able to do all the monotonous, tricky “computer stuff” and you will be left with the best possible website just waiting to attract customers.

Why You Need A Professional Web Designer

Building A Website Is More Than Picking A Pretty Template: You Need A Strategy

Before diving into any project, there needs to a planned strategy on how things will be accomplished and a professional web designer will be able to do this and meet every one of your business goals. The team building your website will not waste time picking out pretty colors and fonts, but instead be devoted to how to spread your brand message, beat your competitors, and generate the most traffic to your site.

Since you will be paying a professional, that person will need to have the most diversified and contemporary knowledge on web development. Think about it: A professional will be able to build the most professional looking website.

Your Website Will Be Customized Around YOU

If you were to build your own website, you likely would do it through a template service. Instead, a web designer will be able to form the site around you, instead of you forming your site around a template. You don’t want your website to look generic and simple; you want it to be unique and specifically crafted for you. In order to have the most advanced features and stylistic components, you need a web designer to take the reigns and get it started. You’ll have customers thinking, “Now this is a website I want to interact with.”

There is More Than Just the Build, You Need SEO For People to Find Your Site

Search engine optimization is the skill of optimizing one’s website to increase traction and engagement, and in today’s digital world– you need it. A professional web designer will be able to optimize your website so that potential clients will be able to find you when they search a key word in google. If people won’t be seeing your website, what’s the purpose in building one in the first place?

A Professional Will Always Be There To Help

Along the course of your journey tending to your website, you may need help with some problems that arise. By paying a web designer, someone will always be there to answer your questions or fix anything that goes wrong. Don’t risk losing clients over something that could be solved by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Someone Will Measure Your Success

This is arguably the most important (but most people’s least favorite) part of any new business venture: measuring results. A web designer will know precisely how to measure the success of your website to see if its getting enough traction. They will be experts in a variety of tools that allow them to measure components like crawl rates, bounce rates, loading time, search traffic, and more. All which may sound very foreign to you! But they will be able to make sense of it and deliver the necessary information neatly and clearly for you to understand.

Want an amazing looking website that will be found and drive leads? Call us today.

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