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Your website is your company’s virtual home base. It powers your brand and has the potential to be the most efficient and effective way to funnel business.

If you’ve done your homework you know the basics: Your site needs great design and functionality, fresh and engaging content, and up-to-the-minute search engine optimization (SEO).

But before you dive into developing a new site or launching a redesign, you’ll want to get clear about the role your website plays as part of your company’s overall strategic plan (here at Hype we don’t get out of bed with a plan!)

Great web design isn’t just about getting you noticed – unless, of course, that’s your strategy. And it’s definitely not about going the cookie-cutter route. It’s about building a site that suits the specific needs of your business. That directs traffic, offers a clear and compelling message, and promises customers an enjoyable user experience.

Because today it’s not enough to just have a website – you need an online presence with a serious “wow” factor.

Here’s a basic checklist we keep handy when working with clients – whether they’re building a site from scratch or upgrading their existing site to work harder and generate more business:

√ Know your website goals, i.e. increase traffic to the site, generate online sales, improve functionality, grow your email list, rebrand, etc.
√ Understand that function comes first and while eye-catching design is important, it must align with the goals for your site.
√ Invest in remarkable content that tells your brand story.
√ Consider a smart SEO strategy and let keyword research guide your content.
√ Maintain an ongoing content building strategy such as a blog
√ Differentiate your website with graphics that really make the content shine.
√ Create conversion opportunities by having smart web pages and links that drive leads.
√ Measure the impact of your site with Google Analytics.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, why not show your website a little love? Take some time to consider (or reconsider) your big-picture strategy. If you already have a site, evaluate what is and isn’t working. Determine your priorities and map out a plan using this checklist as your guide.

We might be hopeless romantics, but we’re betting the result will be love at first “site.”

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