Yes, You Really Do Need SEO


Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. Some of those searches are most likely related to your products or services. Generally speaking, if you want your website to be included in the top results for those searches, you need to make sure your website incorporates proper search engine optimization, otherwise called SEO, techniques. That means you need to do more than simply throw a bunch of random keywords into your meta tags and website copy. Effective SEO strategy should interweave comprehensive keyword research and analysis and strategic keyword placement.

Keyword Analysis is Key to Visibility
While you may have an idea of the terms people would use to find your website, it is important that you avoid simply randomly selecting search terms to target. Keyword research and analysis is crucial to web visibility. This step allows you to identify terms people are actually using, as well as find well-searched, less competitive terms that can drive rankings and traffic.

Where You Place Keywords Matters
it is very important for web visibility that appropriate search terms are in your meta tags, as well as in appropriate places throughout the content of your website. The search engines first look to aspects of the meta data in response to a query, then look to the page content itself. So on-page optimization, and the amount of copy, is important.

An SEO professional knows how to properly copy write or copyedit website content and meta tags as described above to capture the attention of both the search engines and prospects. While it is ideal to incorporate SEO in the website build, it is also possible to optimize existing websites. You will be surprised how even a few key changes can make a significant impact on your web visibility.

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