You do have a 2016 marketing plan, don’t you?


Smart Marketing Matters.

Many small business owners approach marketing by stringing together a series of one-off ideas, like an ad in a magazine or on Facebook. A new brochure to hand out at a trade show. A website re-design.

While these are certainly great tools for promoting your company, it is critical to take a step back and ask yourself, “What is the big marketing picture?”

What are your overall sales and marketing objectives? And more importantly, how will you get there – effectively and within your budget?

Marketing is communicating the value of your business to your target audience with the goal to sell or promote your product or service. Smart marketing starts with knowing the value of your product or service in the marketplace and understanding exactly who your current and potential customers are. Then you can decide on the strategy, messaging and tools to connect with them – and inspire them to take action.

In other words, smart marketing starts with a plan.

So where do you begin? A good first step is to answer the following key questions:

• Why are you in business? What is your mission?
• What problem is your company solving?
• Who are your competitors?
• What’s the profile of your typical customer?
• What’s the best way to communicate with your existing customers? With new prospects?

These may seem like rhetorical questions, but trust me – the information gained from answering them will help you articulate your business vision and purpose. Clearly identify your ideal customer. And create the foundation for building a solid and actionable plan to promote your business.

A smart marketing plan – one that will deliver real results – isn’t something you can just whip up overnight. It takes focus, dedication and more than a little professional expertise. But please don’t let that stop you from taking the plunge. A dynamic plan isn’t going to end up gathering dust on your desk. It will keep you focused on promoting your business – day in and day out – in a manageable and meaningful way.

If you need guidance, insight, strategic thinking – or someone to help you just do it already – call Sabrina McEntee for a free phone consult. Why not make 2016 the year you market like a pro?


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