Does Your Website Make a Great First Impression?


Your website is your company’s personality, tone, and sales channel all in one — a holy viral trinity, if you will. It needs to be eye-catching yet simple, elegant yet efficient. A lifeless website reflects a lifeless company. Now that more and more business is trafficked online, your website’s initial first impression is like a digital handshake. Let its personality shine!

To set your website’s tone, you need to have a firm grasp on your branding — who are you targeting? What networks do you want to interact and grow with? Which design and graphics showcase your mission and values? By answering these questions succinctly and lucidly, your website becomes your company’s thesis statement, articulating its core and offerings.

Today, more and more customers are seeing those offerings on websites and mobile devices. Your website is the most direct thought-to-action medium. With engaging content, organized tabs, and appealing packages, a website can be the best platform for channeling your company’s services and packages.

As reported by Mobile US Web 2015, this consumerism is happening more and more on mobile devices — over 50% of of consumer traffic to leading US sites is now from cell phones. Plus, those mobile browsers spend on average only three minutes on each site. Pack each second with ease, rich content, and turnkey navigations.

Your website should be equally appealing and navigable on both a desktop and mobile device to increase sales and opportunity. With your website’s personality and tone locked in, your message will be most effectively communicated allowing sales to boom and your network to expand.

If your website is missing part of this trinity, if your website needs some new flair, or if you want to open a conversation about how to see your website be its best self, let’s create something together. Reach out, and we’ll take it from there. Contact sabrina@hypemarketingagency.com to get started.

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